Current students


  • Annie Hobby 2015; Factors determining prey availability for ground-foraging insectivores: microhabitat, mistletoe and methods
  • Kirsty Milner 2014; Interactions between host range and distributional limits in Australian mistletoes


  • Melinda Cook 2014–2015; What determines visitation of fruiting mistletoes? The role of host identity


  • Jessica Cappadonna 2015–17; How can citizen scientists be engaged with fauna vocalisations to assist in making ecological discoveries?
  • Liz Znidersic 2015–18; Optimizing monitoring strategies for low detectability species; a rail tale
  • Karolina Petrovic 2007–13; Interactions between herbivores & plant occurrence in a fragmented landscape
  • Joey Walters-Nevet 2013–2015; Interactions between legacy trees and functional diversity of soil microbial communitiesGlass Frog


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