Past students


  • Susan Anderson 2001–2; Clutch volume in amniotes: scaling relationships and constraints
  • Stuart Cooney 2004; Why do bird nest in mistletoe: an experimental approach
  • John Rawsthorne 2005–7; Spatial ecology & determinants of distribution of mistletoebirds in an arid shrubland
  • Steven Sass 2005–7; Determinants of reptile distribution in a fragmented landscape
  • Hugh McGregor 2006–7; Ecology of Exocarpus strictus in river red gum woodlands
  • Terry Korodaj 2006–7; Resource-based approach to evaluating distributional ecology of Antechinus
  • Aaron Preston 2009; Chemical ecology of Australian mistletoes: a preliminary investigation
  • Alex Miller 2010; Determinants of litter and soil dwelling arthropods in remnant eucalypt woodlands
  • Tony Hastings 2010–2011; The influence of Bell Miners on diversity: ecosystem engineers, or agents of forest dieback?
  • Emma Razeng 2010–2011; Nutritional perspectives on declining insectivores: the role of diet quality


  • Kiara O’Gorman 2010–2012; Chemical ecology of Australian mistletoes: an evolutionarily explicit study


  • Natasha Schedvin 2001–8; Spatial ecology of the Barking Owl in north-east Victoria
  • Wendy March 2003–7; The impact of an Australian mistletoe, Amyema miquelii (Loranthaceae), on nutrient cycling in eucalypt forests and woodlands
  • Laurence Barea 2005–8; Ecology of the painted honeyeater
  • Anna Burns 2005–9; Diversity & dynamics of the arthropod assemblages inhabiting mistletoe in remnant eucalypt woodlands
  • Andrew Carter 2004–9; Ecology of foxes in the Riverina region

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