There are a growing number of useful resources available over the internet that relate to the work I do.  Here’s a selection that I use frequently, a list that will continue to grow as I find new and useful resources:

EstimateS is a very useful program (freely available online) for species richness estimation and pother diversity measures, along with extensive supporting information developed and maintained by Robert Colwell.

Exploring the world of mistletoes is a useful compendium of information about many aspects of these parasitic plants, written by mistletoe guru Bryan Barlow

The Parasitic Plant Connection is a useful set of resources compiled and maintained by Dan Nickrent, with particular emphasis on evolutionary patterns.

Trying to find an obscure paper about mistletoe, or find out more about a partiuclar aspect of these plants?  Then the Famulus annotated bibliography first established by Frank Hawksworth and then expanded and updated by Brian Geils is the place for you, with 13878 articles relating to all aspects of mistletoes.


For inspirational music, look no further than Neurosis—a band that continues to push boundaries and create soundscapes that defy description.

well alright then, if you want to look further, then Amenra will sort you out

For open access data related to the mistletoe removal experiment and the PLoS One paper go here: incidence_declining_insectivores_totals.













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